CBLHLAW Posting General Tips

In this CBLHLAW.com post, I would like to post a couple of general tips about seeking legal advice. First, if you think you need an attorney, if I were in your shoes, I would NOT just pick someone out of the yellow pages. I did that once (for a divorce), and it was a huge mistake. The reason? I had no idea that he seemed to be a little excessive in his billing. For example, HIS office called ME one day, to ask a simple question (just a simple 2-minute phone call), and then they began asking me in a conversational manner about some overseas job I had. They were simply interested and it have absolutely nothing to do with my case. Next thing I knew, my statement showed an hour of charges for “phone call” consultation. I was furious! NEVER AGAIN!

So, the first thing I would do if I needed to retain legal counsel again is to ask people I work with and trust for any recommendations (or warnings – because it’s a small town, and word gets around fast, one way or another).

Then, I would probably set up a brief consultation to make EXPRESSELY CLEAR that I wanted to just meet the attorney to see if we are a good match. If either of us feel like we may not click, I’m out of there, and no hard feelings.

Anyway, just to get things started at this blog, I thought I’d toss that out there!

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